Nothing is Free #1 Free college

Imagine this. You walk into a restaurant, and the server says they are having free lunch for all people wearing hats. You are wearing a hat, and you are quite pleased about this. However the person next to you, who is not wearing a hat, says that they are paying double the bill for your “free” lunch.

 Just because one person isn’t paying for something, and someone else is paying it instead doesn’t mean it is free.

The Socialist free college plan, to pay for Americans’ college tuition, is certainly no exception.

So in my first post in this series, I’ll be talking about why the United States cannot have free college, because of its cost to taxpayers, and the fact the people cannot be so dependent on Government.

Now, there are many reason why the US can’t have government pay for college tuitions.  I will be going over three main points: the cost to taxpayers, how government funding programs gives an incentive to spend more, and how “free” college tuition degrades undergraduate college degrees. Now, to start of I’d like you to:


Point 1: Cost to Taxpayers

Just think about how much it costs to go to college.  Now imagine people paying for thousands of other people going to college. Now, Imagine Government running that college. Wow. That’s scary. It’s quite obvious that paying for college tuitions for thousands of Americans will cost a huge amount to the rest of America who is not benefitting from this program. Exactly how much would it cost? According to Fox News it would cost $70 billion dollars per year, or more!

America can simply not afford this, considering we’re in almost $20 trillion dollars in debt already. We can’t be 100% certain how much it will cost, but studies predict it’ll be too high to be a benefit to people in any way.
Not to mention the fact that Government programs like these give the people an incentive to spend more. For an example:


Point 2: Gives the people an incentive to spend more.

Imagine you go to a store and a sign reads, “Closing Day! Get anything you want without paying!

Are you more likely to get whatever you want if you’re paying, or not paying for it? You are probably more likely to get more when you’re not paying for it. It’s a natural response humans have. I know if I’m getting ice cream and paying for it myself, I’ll only get a $1 kiddie scoop. If my parents come with me and they are paying, I am more likely to get a large milkshake. If we’re not paying for something ourselves, we are more likely to spend more.

According to Kate Santichen, finance expert on Time Magazine people are much more likely to do something if they are not paying extra for it, so if Government pays for all these programs, people are more likely to take advantage within each one. Think this plan can’t get any worse? Well think again. This plan will also degrade degrees.


Point 3: Degrades Degrees

According to Brookings University, “Tuition-free policies will no doubt increase enrollment. Studies have found that reducing the cost of college through both need and merit-based aid programs increases the probability of enrollment from 3.6 to 4 percentage points per person.”

People are more likely to go to college if they are not paying for it. This will lead to people having the same degrees. What will this do? It’s obvious that having thousands of people with the same type of degree is going to devalue it. For an example, say I wanted to start a business washing cars. I am the only who washed cars in my neighborhood, so people with dirty cars are more likely to hire me. If there are 50 other kids in my neighborhood who also wash cars, then I’m less likely to get hired because there are many more options, so it’ll be a lot harder for me to stand out, and get people to hire me to wash their cars. What those 50 other kids did, was devalue my services. Now let’s take this example in effect to what it will do with degrees.

If people go to these free tuition colleges, there are going to be more of the same degrees. If someone wants to get hired with a degree in physics, and there are thousands of more students with that same degree, it will be much harder to get hired. Fox News notes in an article on tips to find a job, that employers are looking for the one who stands out, and it’s hard to do that with thousands of students having the same degree.

This will require more PHD’s and Master’s degrees, which isn’t free.

Just think about about it, free stuff tends to be worthless. According to author and Hillsdale graduate Joy Pullmann on the Federalist, “Our country clearly didn’t learn this from ObamaCare, or Medicaid, making something free makes it worthless, so we cannot have government ruin college degrees by making them “free”.”

 This plan will devalue degrees, and make it much harder for many individuals to find jobs. We can’t have government pay for college tuition because it will raise taxes, create an incentive to spend more, and degrade degrees.

So let’s listen to what Milton Friedman said, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

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3 thoughts on “Nothing is Free #1 Free college

  1. as a socialist, i completely disagree with this post. we need to understand in america education is a right. not a privileged that just because you can’t afford it, you don’t get it. the price doesnt matter. as long as its good


    • First off, thank you for chiming in on Kids Press, we respect your opinions and encourage you to continue commenting on posts. So to start off with your comment you said education is a right. This isn’t true. A right is something you can keep, and Government can take away from you. You have the right for Government not to interfere with your college, not to give you college, so education is not a right. It is a privilege.
      Now you also said that just because you can’t afford it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it, but just think about this for just a moment. The poor people in America live better than kings did in the middle ages. Generally they have running water, electricity, enough food, and a clean shelter. Yet still, instead of acknowledging that, we whine about the fact that not every person can afford college and Government needs to buy it for them. So we see these arguments are not legit. I hope to hear more from you!


  2. interesting post. it’s easy for me to agree with this b/c i can go to school, but for families who can’t idk what i think. i just hope we can get schools eco-friendly 😉


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