Brokered Convention, by Maura

You probably know what a convention is. (If you don’t, then to simplify it, it’s essentially when the nominee for each party is picked.) But, if you’ve been watching the news recently, then you may have noticed how lately the news anchors have been remarking things about a brokered convention.

According to my Dad, a brokered convention is when no candidate secures a majority of delegates on the first ballot. As the voting continues delegates are no longer locked into supporting the candidate their voters preferred.

Basically, if none of the candidates have enough delegates to win, then the party will decide. Even if somebody only had eight delegates, they’d have the same equal chance as someone who had eight hundred delegates! Something important to know is that only democrats have superdelegates.

Some people think that brokered conventions are exciting; especially the people who don’t like the candidates that have a chance in winning. But, if a brokered convention does happen then the people of America don’t decide! Instead, a few people who are the head of the political party would decide who the next President would be. The United States of America is a republic! The future of the U.S.A. cannot lay in the hands of a couple of people. This terrific nation has many reasons why it is fabulous, and one of those reasons is that we’re a republic. I think that we should keep it that way.

~Maura, writer for LEAP, and Erin’s sister


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