Why Trump?


Donald Trump has been leading the polls since July, but why? How is Donald Trump attracting conservatives with Ted Cruz in the race? Well here are my 5 reasons why Donald Trump is most popular among voters:

  1. His answers are powerful and simple: At debates, interviews, and speeches he gives a strong and short messages like building a wall.
  2. People hate the establishment: According to the Washington Post, “Trump has positioned himself as the anti-elite candidate.” This appeals to people who are sick of the establishment, and there are a lot of them.
  3. He says what he thinks: In the past candidates like Mitt Romney have been afraid to say things, and attack certain people. Donald Trump is clearly not afraid to say what he thinks. Even when he does lie it doesn’t affect his poll numbers.
  4. Electing “conservatives” hasn’t worked: In recent elections Republicans have voted for candidates who’ve claimed to be conservative, but the government keeps growing, our national debt keeps increasing, and our freedom keeps shrinking. Although Donald Trump wouldn’t be who first comes to my mind as conservative, voters believe at the least he’ll shake things up in Washington.
  5. Already a celebrity: Donald Trump seems to be bringing lots of people to the Republican party- and the voting booth. I’m sure it’s partly because of these 4 reasons I already mentioned, and other things as well, but maybe some people who liked Donald Trump before the election just decide to vote for him.

Please feel free to comment below what you think!


4 thoughts on “Why Trump?

  1. I think this is a good list of why Trump is doing well in the polls. I’d also add the fact that Donald Trump seems to understands what people think.


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