What socialist really means ~Marie

My Dad is a Republican, and my Mom is a Democrat. This makes it harder for me to pick a favorite candidate, considering both my parents are bias to their side.
My Mom is a huge Sanders supporter, however my Dad is leaning towards Ben Carson. Taking input from both my parents, and the news, I now think I know what socialism is.
Bernie Sanders says, “You’ll get free college if I’m elected President!”
And all the collage kids love him, but obviously free college doesn’t exist! All It means is a loan from the Government, and then in the next 10, 20, and even 30 years your paying it off, with interest.
Also Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both support welfare, but that gives an incentive to not work. Although I don’t completely agree with my Dad, Donald Trump is my favorite candidate, I think that when I’m an adult (as well as kid) I’ll be a Republican.


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