A review of the 6th republican debate ~Mia Prescott

The other night I watched the debate, and I picked three winners. I bet that you’ll (mostly) agree with them.

First place: Marco Rubio. I thought that it was great how on one of the debates closest to the Iowa election he did so well since he’s one of my favorite candidates.

Second place: Donald Trump. I couldn’t decide between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for second place, but since Ted Cruz normally does better than any of the candidates (including democrats) and Donald Trump had  few good, humorous moments, I gave second place to Donald Trump. (Though I definitely prefer Cruz I’m not going to be biased).

Third place: Ted Cruz. Even he didn’t get first or second place, he’s second place in the polls. He’s one of my favorite candidates long with Marco Rubio. I thought that he did an amazing job when Neil Cavuto asked him about Trump and him being born in Canada.

On the undercard debate, I thought that Carly Fiorina definitely won. Though she’s low in the polls, she’s on my three favorite candidates; Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and her! I also really like Rand Paul (who wasn’t at the debate) and Jeb Bush.

If you watched the debate, you’ll probably agree with me that these three people did really well. ~Mia Prescott, age 10


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