2016 Election

Iowa Wipeout!

February, 9

Since the Iowa caucus, 4 candidates have dropped out. Here are the ones who have:

1. Rand Paul

2. Mike Huckabee

3. Rick Santorum

4. Martin O’Malley

New Hampshire’s primary is tonight, February 9, and a few candidates have said that they will drop out if they do not do well.


Lindsey Graham drops of 2016 election

Lindsey Graham dropped out of the race on December 21.

According to CNN Lindsey Graham  said, “While we have run a campaign that has made a real difference, I have concluded this is not my time.”

He was right, for he hasn’t been doing well in the polls for quite sometime. I think it’s a smart choice for him to drop out. He was a one issue candidate in a multi issue campaign. He focused so much on one thing, and that lead to people not voting for him.

Here was his message about dropping out from his website,  Lindseygraham.com.

My sister is a little sad about Lindsey Graham dropping out, but he was going to leave the race sooner or later.

Donald Trump… Meant to be?

So far during the 2016 election you may have noticed the front runners change often, however Donald Trump has been one of the front runners for just about the whole time.

     At one point Jeb Bush and Donald Trump were the front runners, than Carly Fiorina and Trump, Ben Carson and Trump, and now Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. The other front runners go in a lead for an amount of time, and drop down again whereas Donald Trump’s polls stay continuous.

According to a recent poll Donald Trump is at 36%, and according to The Business Insider, “Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas had 16%, followed by retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (14%) and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida (12%).”

    Sometimes people say, “After this Donald Trump will drop in the polls,” but he never does. In fact, he keeps going up! Nothing he says, or does hurts him. Is Donald Trump meant to be president?

© https://www.donaldjtrump.com/donald



© http://www.onpolitics.usatoday.com

I hope you’ve been watching the debates. If you haven’t, I would definitely recommend it. This picture shows all the Candidates, including the ones who dropped out. Here are all of the Candidates.


Donald Trump- You’ve probably heard of him. He’s doing well in polls, and is a billionaire.

© https://www.donaldjtrump.com/

Ben Carson-A retired surgeon who is very smart and doing well in polls. He is now leading Donald Trump.

© https://www.bencarson.com/volunteer

Carly Fiorina- A previous CEO and business woman for HP.

© https://carlyforpresident.com/meet-carly

Marco Rubio- Senator from Florida.

© https://marcorubio.com/videos/watch-what-kind-of-president-would-marco-be/

George Pataki- Former Governor of New York.

© http://www.georgepataki.com/meet-george/

Rand Paul- Senator from Kentucky, son of Ron Paul. In this picture he is with his family.

rand paul

© https://www.randpaul.com/about

John Kasich-Governor of Ohio, and former Congressman.

© https://johnkasich.com/

Bobby Jindal- Governor of Louisiana. Dropped out on November 17, 2015


 Lindsey Graham- Senator from South Carolina. Dropped out December 21, 2015

lindsey graham


Ted Cruz- Senator from Texas.


Mike Huckabee- Former Governor of Arkansas.

mike huck


Rick Santorum: Former Senator from Pennsylvania, and Father of 7 children.



Jeb Bush: Former Governor of Florida.

Jeb bush

Chris Christie: Governor of New Jersey.


I decided to not include Scott Walker, and Rick Perry, since they dropped out.


Hillary Clinton: Former Secretary of State, Former Senator from New York, and First Lady.


Bernie Sanders: Senator from Vermont.


Jim Webb: Former Senator from Virginia. Not doing very well in polls, he recently dropped out.


Lincoln Chaffee: Former Governor of Rhode Island, and United States Senator from Rhode Island. He as well dropped out recently.


Martin O’Malley: Former Governor of Maryland.


I’ll be talking more about these people, but here are some pictures, and a little bit about them.

All of these pictures are from their campaign websites:





















I would recommend going on some of these sites, if you don’t know about these people.


One thought on “2016 Election

  1. I didn’t watch the first two debates, but ever since I read this, I’ve watched every single one! Unfortunately, my favorite candidate, Rick Santorum, dropped out.


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