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17 thoughts on “Ask Erin

    • Although I highly doubt he will, here is what would happen if he is impeached. Nothing would happen. Sounds a little surprising, but impeachment doesn’t affect the President. After Impeachment the senate must convict the president to affect anything. In that case Vice President Mike Pence would immediately take oath to office and be the president. If both Donald Trump and Mike Pence were impeached and convicted at the same time, which is extremely rare, then Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, would take office.
      Often times impeachment and conviction is a very chaotic time for a country, and let’s hope it doesn’t happen! 😉


    • The problem for the left currently is this: If they successfully impeach Trump, which they most likely won’t ever do, they then have to deal with Mike Pence…an even more solid conservative than Trump.


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