I hope you’ve been watching the debates. If you haven’t, I would definitely recommend it. This picture shows all the Candidates, including the ones who dropped out. Here are all of the Candidates.


Donald Trump- You’ve probably heard of him. He’s doing well in polls, and is a billionaire.

Ben Carson-A retired surgeon who is very smart and doing well in polls.

Carly Fiorina- A previous CEO and business woman for HP.

Marco Rubio- Senator of Florida.

George Pataki- Previous Governor of New York.

Rand Paul- Senator for Kentucky, son of Rand Paul. In this picture he is with his family.

rand paul

John Kasich-Governor of Ohio, and Congress man.

Bobby Jindal- Previous Governor of Louisiana.

 Lindsey Graham- Previous senator of South Carolina.

lindsey graham

Ted Cruz- Senator of Texas.

Mike Huckabee- Governor of Arkansas.

mike huck

Rick Santorum: Previous Governor of Virginia, and Father of 7 children.


Jeb Bush: Previous Governor for Florida.

Jeb bush

Chris Christie: Governor of New Jersey.

I decided to not include Scott Walker, and Rick Perry, since they dropped out.


Hillary Clinton: Previous Secretary Of State, and First Lady.

Bernie Sanders: Vermont Congress man.

Jim Webb: Former Senator of Virginia. Not doing very well in polls.

Lincoln Chaffee: Mayor, Governor, and United States Senator.

Martin O’Malley: Previous Governor of Maryland.

I’ll be talking more about these people, but here are some pictures, and a little bit about them.

All of these pictures are from their campaign websites:

I would recommend going on some of these sites, if you don’t know about these people.


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